11 DIY Wall Decoration Ideas For Living Room: Crazy Looking!

Living rooms are the heart of our home. They are where we spend our family time, entertaining our guests, hosting different parties and relaxing in the evening after work or school, and enjoying each other’s company before bedtime comes around.

But all these activities require some DIY Wall Decoration Ideas For Living Room to perk up these empty walls.

While many people may want to invest in expensive artwork pieces to decorate their living room walls, you don’t have to spend money on items that you can make yourself, both saving you money and improving your DIY skills as well.

There are a wide variety of DIY Wall Decoration Ideas For Living Room that you could add to your home.

Some of these wall decoration ideas may require a little bit of work while others will simply require some time and effort.

If you are serious about it and trying to fill up your blank walls in the living room, refresh your decor, or add more personality to your home, then this blog is for you.

It includes a list of the Top 11 Crazy Looking! DIY Wall Decoration Ideas For Living Room. That is perfect for either beginners or experts alike.

So let’s get started!

11 DIY Wall Decoration Ideas For Living Room

1. Yarn Wall Hanging

Yarn Wall Hanging

Wall hangings are one of my favorite ways to spice up a blank wall.

And, yes, it’s true that you can order these beautiful Wall hangings from an online store, but why not try your hand at making something unique yourself?

If you’re not quite sure where to start with DIY wall hangings, so what you can do is just buy a thick bamboo or use any stick if you have a and arrange the yarn on it.

Now finely place it on a blank wall in your living room. It turners out to be looking cool.

2. Book/Showpiece Shelves

DIY Book Shelves

One of our DIY wall decoration ideas is to make shelves!

This way you can showcase your collectibles and books in a very stylish way. It is even better if you can find old, vintage suitcases. You can then have all sorts of fun with it! That’s right,

Just use wood glue and paint to display it however you like. If you want to add some more color, then simply add some wallpaper or fabric. If you want to go for something simpler, try using colored tape instead.

However you choose to do it, we are sure that these DIY wall decoration ideas for living room will definitely help spruce up your living room!

3. Fabric-Covered Walls

Fabric-covered walls

For a warm look, consider covering one side of your walls with fabric. As an added bonus, fabrics can also hide any flaws on your walls!

This DIY wall decoration idea works best when you cover only one side as an accent wall while leaving another bare so that there’s balance in your design scheme. Again, feel free to use whatever material or color you like depending on what looks good together and fits into your budget.

A few popular choices include velvet, cotton fabrics, tapestry, and many others. Just make sure that they complement each other well before applying them to the walls!

4. Stick-On mosaics

Stick-on mosaics

Mosaic art is becoming increasingly popular among interior designers today because of its artistic appeal and easy installation process.

These DIY wall decoration ideas can be done by anyone who has a little bit of patience and craftiness in them!

And what makes stick-on mosaics even easier to work with is that you don’t need any kind of artistic talent whatsoever—just stick on tiles wherever you like!

5. String Lights

String lights

String lights aren’t exactly known for their modern appeal but hey, why not give it a shot? The beauty of string lights lies in their simplicity.

The easiest way to make your empty walls beautiful is by mounting some light fixtures on them these string lights will not only give your home a warm and welcoming feel but also add a distinctive look to your living space.

They are available in different shapes, sizes, designs, and colors so you can choose from a wide range of options that match your interior decor.

6. Mirrors


They can be a great way to make your living room look bigger and brighter. If you have large windows in your living space, why not turn them into a source of illumination with mirrors?

Hang small mirrors on either side of large windows to reflect even more light into your home. Not only will it improve light, but it’ll also add color and beauty that reflects your style and personality.

Mirrors are also a great option if you’re looking to make an outdated piece look new again. For example, if you have an old TV stand in your family room that’s beginning to show wear and tear, hang mirrors on each side of it to hide its flaws while reflecting color onto any bare walls that may need livening up.

7. Picture Frames

Picture Frames

The easiest and cheapest way to give your walls some life is by framing photographs. You don’t need to go out and buy expensive frames – just cut them up yourself using a picture frame as a guide.

Pick large, colorful photos or shots of scenery that best reflect your personality, taste, or interests. Make sure you allow enough space between your images – white space on a wall is just as important as what you do display.

Hang all of these framed pieces at different heights on one wall and your friends will think it’s artwork from an art gallery!

If you can’t be bothered to create your own frames, why not buy a ready-made set of vintage wooden frames? These are more expensive than DIY versions, but they look really unique and authentic.

8. Painting The Walls In Different Colours

Painting the Walls in Different Colours

Painting your walls a different color is one of many ways to personalize your home, and it’s an easy way to give them an inexpensive makeover.

You don’t need to hire a painter or decorator; you can do it yourself with some simple tools and maybe a little help from friends and family.

Be sure to choose colors that match your interior style – from traditional to modern, there are tons of colors available in various finishes that will go with whatever look you have in mind.

Always pick colors that coordinate well together because clashing colors won’t just look bad, they could even take away from other items in your home as well.

9. Adding Wallpaper

Home Decore Wallpapers

While wallpaper was not always considered a cool thing to add to your walls, nowadays, it’s all about customization.

The ability to change your wallpaper at any time is a big plus and can be a great way to perk up your living space. Your imagination is probably already running wild with different patterns and designs you could choose from.

If you’re feeling artistic, there are plenty of resources that offer DIY instructions on how to create your own custom wallpaper; there are also some ready-made options if you don’t have time or just don’t want to take on that challenge.

10. Wall Decals

Wall Decals

Wall decals are a great way to add some glamour to your home. They come in many different shapes, sizes, and themes, which means you can easily find one that matches your decor.

And if you want to switch things up, you can always change it later on when you’re tired of it.

There are so many ways to make your home beautiful and so many reasons to do it. A few years ago, I decided that my main living room walls were boring and needed a little something extra.

So I bought these beautiful colorful flower birdcage flying birds. Then came the time to apply them to the walls. And just look how beautiful it looks.

11. Wall Family Tree Frame

Family Tree Wall

Another fun project you can do with your family is making a cute family tree wall. We all have so many different pictures of our loved ones and pets, so why not use them to make something unique!

All you need is tree wallpaper and frames (available at any craft store). First, Paste your tree wallpaper on a wall, and then arrange photo frames where ever you wish.

Now put in your photos and there you go! Your walls will never be bare again. These simple DIY Wall Decoration Ideas For Living Room can really enhance your decor.

Wrap up on 11 DIY Wall Decoration Ideas For Living Room

No matter what your budget is, you can beautify your walls with cool DIY Wall Decoration Ideas For Living Room that cost only a few dollars and are very simple to make.

If you have an empty wall in your living room, any of these DIY Wall Decoration Ideas For Living Room can be applied easily.

Starting from paintings, prints, and posters to clocks, boxes, and shelves made from recyclable materials – all these will add a touch of elegance to your space.

If you have been searching for some great living room design tips, don’t miss out on these amazing ideas! So what are you waiting for?

Start checking out these 11 DIY wall decoration ideas for living room! Hopefully, it will help you decide on the best DIY wall decoration ideas for living room. So here we talked about decorating our houses but what about security. So make sure to check out the article on how you can secure your house from burglars and unwanted activities.

FAQ: 11 DIY Wall Decoration Ideas For Living Room

Choosing or making a DIY wall decore project can little bit frustrating. Especially, when you are not that creative or have no idea what to do. So you need to read these frequently asked questions to make a wise decision.

Q1. What is DIY?

Ans: Do It Yourself (DIY) means that you are able to create a product yourself without purchasing it. In many cases, a product may also be referred to as Do It Yourself, if you can create a customized version of it by using special customization tools.

Let’s see an example of Do It Yourself projects. Do It Yourself gift baskets have always been common and popular among customers and everyone else who wants to make their loved ones happy in an affordable way. Do You Know How much money would it cost to buy a nice, cute basket from any store? A medium-sized one costs about $30 in any specialty store that offers party supplies or home accessories.

You can actually make your own do-it-yourself gift baskets. The process is very simple and it would not even cost you a lot of money since all you need to get started are those ordinary household items that everyone has in their house. It would probably take only one day or less if everything goes according to plan.

Q2. How can I decorate my living room walls?

Ans: There are a lot of ways you can decorate and give a mind-blowing and beautiful touch. Which are included in this article. So make sure to read the full article and chose the best DIY wall decoration ideas for living room easily.

Q3. Who can do DIY projects?

Whether you are a creative person who loves creating DIY projects or just trying your hand at doing DIY projects anyone can do it. all it needs and asks for is little creativity and a bit of patience.

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